Wednesday, July 29, 2009


After a very long time,may be after 2 or 3 months i once again started my blogging.
Its raining heavily...... I feel sooo happy to see the rain outside.
The rain made me think about my childhood, walking alone after my classes on a rainy day , is that soo cool ?????........... yeah really.......Walking alone.....dreamingly ,holding my bags tightly for avoiding the rain drops falling on it.
Playing with my umbrella , imagining as if film actress dances in the songs and then checking out whether anyone is watching me with a naughty look ;-) . I can feel that i am getting drenched.
Finally knocking the door with my wet clothes to hand over my bags to my sweet mom who was there to receive me and then running again near to the tap for washing my legs without having the umbrella (the secret behind thats just a reason for playing in the rain) actually i just want to stay out in the rain and play.... he he he am i funny? yeah sometimes
By this time my mom and dad will start firing me coz they dont want me to get sick and miss my classes. So i need to get into my house, with a sad mind i will get inside .And again will start enjoy being drenched. But not more than 5 mins, i will be kicked into the bathroom ......he he he....
I wish to jump out into the the rain and play like a kid, ohhhhhhhhhhh but not now coz its thunder storm and am scared of the lightnings. :-)

I really miss my Dad and Mom. Love you soo much Pappa and Mummy.................

I feel that am really Blessed With Everything...............