Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Cutie

I saw you in the Central Park. You were smiling at me ,
You were making each and everyone smile,
You wanted to see everyones smile,
And was dancing to catch my glimpses,
Your innocent smile attracted me,
I was soo attracted to you,
you are the real beauty,
the real beauty i have ever seen.
Your looks made me feel peace in my mind.
I felt that you were eagerly waiting for my touch,
Although you were far away from me in the park,
your eyes were capturing my movements,
Your friends were teasing you for your naughty looks.
I was wandering here and there without having any destinations
in my mind ,but was being attracted by some power,
I came near you and pattered your body,
You were blushed with my touch.
You were looking soo cute in your yellow dress.
You were looking like a bride.
Your friends telling secrets in your ears ,
Can see cheers in your eyes.
I was able to see the thirst in your eyes for coming with me,
When i came near u , u were dancing wildly with happiness.
I could see the tears in your eyes.
Tears for your friends and family ,
i could also see the excitment in ur eyes.
You came with me to my home as a bride,
You decorated my home with your beauty .
Now you are looking soo weak, breathing your last air,
I am pattering you,your eyes conveying soo many stories to me.
I am worried ,are you about to leave me alone?
Dont go away from me dear........
U were really soo nice My Cutie.....
Sweet little flower.............