Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life After Death Or The Super Natural Power.

This thought came into my dreams and tempted/forced me to write about it. You can rename this post after reading.You can think this Topic as Philosophy which we call it as Pilopy for time pass. All your comments/criticisms are warmly welcome. You might be having counter arguments for what am going to explain here. Anyway am going to enter to my topic straight away.

What do u mean by Life ? In Biological terms you can describe Life as Characteristics of Living/Active Organisms, Now let me mix the basic concepts of Life with Bible . As "Book of Genesis" says God created Man & Woman, and gave them dominion over all the living things that God has created & commanded them to be fruitful & multiply. He gave them the privilege to eat all fruits present in the "Garden of Eden" except the fruits from "Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil". But the Satan or the Negative Energy or the Evil thoughts tempted Adam & Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, telling that it will not lead them to death . What am pointing out is that, from the Beginning itself Human nature is in search of something which are not known or which is being hidden from the human eyes . And so came the Scientists , with their New Discoveries and what ever. All the Events in the Past , Present and Future were pre-written by God or by the Super Natural Power not only for our own lives but for next generations too .

People come to live life with their practical wisdom which they gather from their childhood life experiences and with their intellect . As all human beings want everything in their Life to be perfect, and this being because of their greed. Everyone is having evilness in there behaviour but it varies in person, in intensity etc. The Evilness or the Negativity makes man behave like an animal in the worst cases. But when they reach the End of life or what i meant is about Death , each and every person will start repenting for all the evil things / mistakes that have committed in their life . God has given Life for teaching us " The New Phase of Life" by clearing all our mistakes . What i meant about " The New Phase of Life" is the life in which we donate somethings to this world . Donate Somethings means leaving our footprints for the Next Generation like Scientists who have donated their discoveries , like Philosophers who have donated their great Thoughts ,like Mother Theresa who donated all her life for the People in need, Likewise each and every person in this world donate something valuable known or unknown.

Now let me stop beating around the bush and come to my point which i was trying to explain from the beginning. We will die only after repenting for all evil things /mistakes that we have committed. Repenting doesn't mean simply regretting for our mistake for a short period of time and again coming up with the same mistakes, Repenting should happen from the heart. The Influence of Negative Energy makes the innocent human beings to get doped with the Negative Energy/ Evil. So the moment right after we get 100% purified from our mistakes is our death.God sends the "Positive Energy" to guide us to the End . So when we become 100% purified like Pure Gold, God wont let us stay back and get impure with Negative Energy that surrounds us even for a second. All the human beings in this Universe is having a purpose/mission, after pursuing the mission we will join the "Godly Power" . Being a Human Being, no one can be God, only he can command you . Because of the Negative Energy ,if the Human Beings get the Godly Power or Godly Knowledge they will use it for Evil Things. We can even think of it in the positive way . If we get the Super Natural power we can use it for good things too. As i told earlier when we die we will join the Godly power and help the remaining individuals to move forward with the Positive Energy or move away from their mistakes or make them repent . All the human beings who lived and died till now, joined the Godly power who is driving us all the way. Life before Death is like Impure Gold being purified with Fire and God is the GoldSmith who purifies the Gold from all its impurities .

May be this is the reason why Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is failing every time . God prevents us from finding out "Higgs Boson" , a predicted Element which might help to explain the origin of Mass in the universe . When ever we find out the Godly Power or supernatural power we will die, We cant be the God , if he wants to open up the mysteries , he will open up but it will be at the End.

I think i have conveyed all the ideas which i had till now, will add on more about it if i get any counter arguments . After reading this don't think that this post is against God, not at all , Because am a Strong Believer of Lord God.