Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flakes Of Snow

Freezing in the snow,
Trees, courtyards , roads all covered with snow.
Wind is blowing like a beast,
Leafless trees dancing wildly,
Crying like a child in the wild wind,
Shivering like a kid ,
Cool breeze that patters my body,
Like my mom's hug ,
Hiding me in her chest, in her arms,
Protecting me from the wild wind,
Like a hen that protect its chicks with her wings.
A little star is smiling ,
Seems like its says dont worry my child,
The trees like frosted cakes shaking there branches,
As they play with kids.
Small white balls falling down,
Hey thats snow!!!!!!,
White cotton like balls,
That cover the whole earth with white layer of Love,
Flakes of Love

Slumdog Millionaire

I started seeing this film with a great expectation but after seeing this film i felt soo bad.I felt soo sorry for our country , because our countries name is being utilised for capturing minds of people by sympathy . I really appreciate the effort that has been put forward to win Eight Oscar awards. But i didnt feel any speciality in this film .
Danny Boyle has worked alot to picturise this story, but picturised India as a very poor country.Created a pathetic image.India is not in a pathetic situation, still India is having a growing Economy than other countries.But in the film "Slumdog Millionaire" India is been described as land of Slum's . Foreigner havent seen our ever growing industries, thats why they are picturising India as poor country.
I think better stories are there in our malayalam industries. "One Man Show " a film in Malayalam is having a very same theme. Music and Sound Effects are good and appreciable, but theme is .........................

Friday, February 20, 2009

My First Blog

The world that surrounds me, My responsibilities,
I am really suprised thinking abt my changes.
Had written alot in my diary's, but this the first time that i am writing here.
Now am confused thinking what to write