Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beauty of Marriage

I am trying to explain the Beauty of Marriage and also Some thoughts that came into my mind.

Marriage is a contract of being Loved & Cared between two individuals till the end of life .
If the marriage needs to be a success there should be a bond,
A strong bond of "Love".
Marriage is like Public Declaration of Love.

Love is the Secret Key of Marriage.
Love is Life.
Love is the sense of strong affection and attachment to the partner.

Caring,Sharing,Understanding,Patience,Adjustments are the Jewels of "True Love".
All these jewels makes married life soooooooooooo beautiful that u cant even imagine.....

The time just before and after marriage is very critical and more over very very important for the whole married life, coz it is the time when we start knowing each other and starts blending up the characters together . It takes time to be loved and to love.Partners should share each and every feeling, and should speak up openly, then only u can understand each other.

Dont ever cover up ur bad characters or characters that u feel that other may get irritated before marriage ,this will cause big problems in married life and may cause ending up with divorce, and this will be a very pathetic situation.

If Love is only towards external beauty ,love will never last long also that's not the "True Love".

True Love happens only when u love your partner as he/she is...
That is Unconditional Love.............
Loving without having any conditions.........
God created each and every person in this world with imperfections and that is to make them perfect when they join with their partner.
You will be a perfect and beautiful creation of god when u join with your partner, and spread the world with the Light of Love.

1)For Loving your partner first you should Love yourself.
2)Then you will start loving your partner and that makes u feel soo happy.
3) When you are happy you will be able to love others who are in need.

So in this way you can spread the world with the Light of Love.

Once your thirst for Love start it will never ends........... U will be always thirsty even if your partner is loving u sooooo much ....... u will be always greedy for Love..........
Love always makes u greedy,Do take it in the positive sense. Thirst for Love never Ends.

If you are living in Love ,you will be Soooo Happy............. Even if u don't have anything to drink,eat or whatever you will be in heaven...
Thats the Strength of Love. True Love is soo strong that it cant be destroyed by anyone.

True love is as Strong , Beautiful and valuable as this Universe .
God is decorating our life with Love as he decorates the universe with his tremendous beautiful creations.

Your partner is the most precious gift that God has ever created in this world and that is only for u ......... So He/She is sooo precious and Beautiful....

Its a Luck to have someone to Love and to be Loved :-) .
God is Really Really great...............