Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to blogging!!

After a long long break I really feel that I should get back on track. My college diaries were my best buddies , I was able to write all blunders in them .
So many thoughts are churning through my mind right now. Don't know where to start and what to start with but I have lots to say!
Life is  becoming so hectic but at the same time eventful and joyful.Being a wife and mother of two toddlers is a wonderful learning experience. Seeing your lil ones grow is soo much fun. Everyday is a new discovery.
As a mother, I have so many worries about my lil ones. Worrying for no reason! Well, that tops the list.
will they be safe wherever they go?
r they growing healthy?
R they eating enough?
What will their future be ?
 Bla bla bla... The list never ends!... Worrying because there is really nothing to worry about but still you worry...
Being the youngest in the family and having being pampered by everyone ,leading a family has been a huge transformation for me. Looking back I wonder whether I am the same old lil girl.

I am really thankful to my husband (I call him Achae, short form of Achachen/Achayen) for understanding and accepting me as I am and to let me be silly and to play around.

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