Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happily Ever After!!!

Midnight 12:21am  tired after a long day but badly want to write down my thoughts which are haunting me to be written and told....
I don't know were to start but I have to start somewhere . I don't know whether my words are inspiring but if my words will help someone , I will be the most happiest person . I would like to give out some life tips which I understood from the pre-marriage course,my life and from my friends and family.
Off late, I am  hearing of more and more divorces! It is really scary to think about those families moreover the kids who suffer the most. But no one is bothered about them. Every week I hear atleast one divorce story...
Why is this happening  ? Wonder why "Divorce" is becoming so common?
Why husband and wife gets bored of each other soo easily?
What is the real issue? Who has the problem?
Who is the problem?

For all those questions spouses tend to put their partner or the partners  family responsible.....right?

I really feel that the real issue is the Lack of Communication... Or to be precise Misunderstanding...
Why do Misunderstandings happen?
It happens when we start assuming about your partners actions or when a third person involves in your family problems/arguments.

Also these days both partners are independent and employed. They don't have time to spend for each other. They have enough money to spend but no time.

Some tips that might help family life.

  • Don't work after office hours.. Spend time with your partner and kids.
  • Have lots of conversation .....Talk talk talk...Even the silliest of jokes, share it.Listen to your partner. Conversing can be really fun too.
  • No more assuming... Just ask your partner... Clarify your thoughts/doubts.
  • No more secrets... Open up yourself to your partner. Whatever it may be financial , health,every single thing ,share it....U guys should be a team... Don't laugh at your partner when he/she shares some secrets, even if it's silly. He/she should be your best friend..
  • No Egos... Share your positives and negatives.
  • Share interests- Some of your partner's interests won't be interesting to u but have some patience to enjoy ur partner's interests too. Even if you don't like something or you get irritated while involving in your partners's interests just let your partner know how you feel about it in a good way.
  • Don't say NO abruptly to your partner's requests or opinions. Have a discussion about it and decide. Think a lot before you say NO.
  • Dont force your partner to like or dislike anything.
  • Don't restrict/control your partner.. Don't be a control freak.                                                              When you restrict your partner from doing something , he/she will just start hiding things that you don't like him/her getting  involved. Just let him/her know why you restrict and try to come to an agreement by avoiding those things or by limiting it.If he/she is limiting or avoiding something's which he/she likes then ,that's only because he/she likes  you and wants you to be happy ,appreciate those actions and don't think that's because he/she is weak.

  • When you have a fight/ heated argument  don't hurt your partner or call bad words.
  • Don't let anybody else involve in your fight..
  • During fights make sincere effort to hear and understand what your partner is arguing about. Give it some thought before you oppose.
  • Make efforts to solve your fight at least within an hour or at least dont wait for sunset.
  • Don't sleep with anger.
  • After fight don't sleep in separate rooms.
  • Don't let your kids see u fight.
  • Don't let your parents or relatives makes decisions for you or your partner. Take opinions since they are older and have more life experiences but the final word/ decision should from you and your partner.
  • Always try to go to bed at the same time.
  • Don't blame your partner for any mistakes/problem which happend unexpectedly . Support your partner and face the mistake/problem together and solve it. By blaming  or putting him/her responsible for the issue will not solve it.  Mistakes happen. It can happen to you too..
  • Life is not a bed of Roses, Life is about making Adjustments and Sacrifices for good.                    Don't compare your life with the lives of your  friends or relatives .. They might be living happily, but you have to understand how they have achieved it. Human beings are different in all aspects, Everyone has goods and bads, nobody is perfect. Life is not easy.So be ready for adjustments, that's what makes Married life perfect.

To Parents and Relatives

Please don't interfere in your child's family matters unless they ask you to. Even if they ask, please don't comment without understanding the real issue. Let them figure it out themselves .
Parents tend to support their own kids during the fight and says supportive comments and that will cause big issues in family life.
Parents , please don't make decisions for your kids after they are married!
Mommies and Daddies please don't feel that your sons and daughters are not in your control anymore and show anger towards your son/daughters spouse. You were once in the same situation and your parents helped you to put up a family and now you must be blessed with a successful marriage, let your kids also enjoy Marital Bliss.
If you had bad experiences with your parents/ relatives interfering in your marriage and had struggles putting up a family in the beginning, accept it as your fate, rather than to pass your anger on to the new girl/boy. So instead of showing the ragging mentality to the new family member, help your children have a good marriage.
All parents are very much possessive when it comes to their kids love. And always want their kids to be happy.. So let your kids build up a family themselves.

All the fights and worries can be melted with a loving smile,a hug and a whisper in your partners ears "I love u".
You might be having money, fame,success etc, so you might be thinking that I am having so many people to love me or to be with me, but think for a minute whether these people truly love you? Or is it for their well being or for their selfishness they pretend to love you? At the end of the day, when you loose your wealth, charm, health etc,  will there be anyone to hold your hands, to be beside you , to really love you?
Everybody wants love, without having someone to love you till your last breath, there is no point in living? Being loved by someone is a blessing...
 When you have money and fame, people will be around you with endless services that is not because they love you ,that's just for your money or for their needs.
So think about having a person who really needs you... Who is waiting for you...
Who really loves u blindly....who really don't want anything else other than your love...

Being loved by someone is not easy, for that you need to spend time with your partner and earn the love.
Tell him/her that u love him/her and that You cannot survive without him/her.
 This can be a great beginning to a happily ever after! Wishing you all the luck in this world!

Back to blogging!!

After a long long break I really feel that I should get back on track. My college diaries were my best buddies , I was able to write all blunders in them .
So many thoughts are churning through my mind right now. Don't know where to start and what to start with but I have lots to say!
Life is  becoming so hectic but at the same time eventful and joyful.Being a wife and mother of two toddlers is a wonderful learning experience. Seeing your lil ones grow is soo much fun. Everyday is a new discovery.
As a mother, I have so many worries about my lil ones. Worrying for no reason! Well, that tops the list.
will they be safe wherever they go?
r they growing healthy?
R they eating enough?
What will their future be ?
 Bla bla bla... The list never ends!... Worrying because there is really nothing to worry about but still you worry...
Being the youngest in the family and having being pampered by everyone ,leading a family has been a huge transformation for me. Looking back I wonder whether I am the same old lil girl.

I am really thankful to my husband (I call him Achae, short form of Achachen/Achayen) for understanding and accepting me as I am and to let me be silly and to play around.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life After Death Or The Super Natural Power.

This thought came into my dreams and tempted/forced me to write about it. You can rename this post after reading.You can think this Topic as Philosophy which we call it as Pilopy for time pass. All your comments/criticisms are warmly welcome. You might be having counter arguments for what am going to explain here. Anyway am going to enter to my topic straight away.

What do u mean by Life ? In Biological terms you can describe Life as Characteristics of Living/Active Organisms, Now let me mix the basic concepts of Life with Bible . As "Book of Genesis" says God created Man & Woman, and gave them dominion over all the living things that God has created & commanded them to be fruitful & multiply. He gave them the privilege to eat all fruits present in the "Garden of Eden" except the fruits from "Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil". But the Satan or the Negative Energy or the Evil thoughts tempted Adam & Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, telling that it will not lead them to death . What am pointing out is that, from the Beginning itself Human nature is in search of something which are not known or which is being hidden from the human eyes . And so came the Scientists , with their New Discoveries and what ever. All the Events in the Past , Present and Future were pre-written by God or by the Super Natural Power not only for our own lives but for next generations too .

People come to live life with their practical wisdom which they gather from their childhood life experiences and with their intellect . As all human beings want everything in their Life to be perfect, and this being because of their greed. Everyone is having evilness in there behaviour but it varies in person, in intensity etc. The Evilness or the Negativity makes man behave like an animal in the worst cases. But when they reach the End of life or what i meant is about Death , each and every person will start repenting for all the evil things / mistakes that have committed in their life . God has given Life for teaching us " The New Phase of Life" by clearing all our mistakes . What i meant about " The New Phase of Life" is the life in which we donate somethings to this world . Donate Somethings means leaving our footprints for the Next Generation like Scientists who have donated their discoveries , like Philosophers who have donated their great Thoughts ,like Mother Theresa who donated all her life for the People in need, Likewise each and every person in this world donate something valuable known or unknown.

Now let me stop beating around the bush and come to my point which i was trying to explain from the beginning. We will die only after repenting for all evil things /mistakes that we have committed. Repenting doesn't mean simply regretting for our mistake for a short period of time and again coming up with the same mistakes, Repenting should happen from the heart. The Influence of Negative Energy makes the innocent human beings to get doped with the Negative Energy/ Evil. So the moment right after we get 100% purified from our mistakes is our death.God sends the "Positive Energy" to guide us to the End . So when we become 100% purified like Pure Gold, God wont let us stay back and get impure with Negative Energy that surrounds us even for a second. All the human beings in this Universe is having a purpose/mission, after pursuing the mission we will join the "Godly Power" . Being a Human Being, no one can be God, only he can command you . Because of the Negative Energy ,if the Human Beings get the Godly Power or Godly Knowledge they will use it for Evil Things. We can even think of it in the positive way . If we get the Super Natural power we can use it for good things too. As i told earlier when we die we will join the Godly power and help the remaining individuals to move forward with the Positive Energy or move away from their mistakes or make them repent . All the human beings who lived and died till now, joined the Godly power who is driving us all the way. Life before Death is like Impure Gold being purified with Fire and God is the GoldSmith who purifies the Gold from all its impurities .

May be this is the reason why Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is failing every time . God prevents us from finding out "Higgs Boson" , a predicted Element which might help to explain the origin of Mass in the universe . When ever we find out the Godly Power or supernatural power we will die, We cant be the God , if he wants to open up the mysteries , he will open up but it will be at the End.

I think i have conveyed all the ideas which i had till now, will add on more about it if i get any counter arguments . After reading this don't think that this post is against God, not at all , Because am a Strong Believer of Lord God.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


What to write, wish to blabber something.................. but what............
Plenty of things coming into my mind ......................... now feeling sleepy..................

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beauty of Marriage

I am trying to explain the Beauty of Marriage and also Some thoughts that came into my mind.

Marriage is a contract of being Loved & Cared between two individuals till the end of life .
If the marriage needs to be a success there should be a bond,
A strong bond of "Love".
Marriage is like Public Declaration of Love.

Love is the Secret Key of Marriage.
Love is Life.
Love is the sense of strong affection and attachment to the partner.

Caring,Sharing,Understanding,Patience,Adjustments are the Jewels of "True Love".
All these jewels makes married life soooooooooooo beautiful that u cant even imagine.....

The time just before and after marriage is very critical and more over very very important for the whole married life, coz it is the time when we start knowing each other and starts blending up the characters together . It takes time to be loved and to love.Partners should share each and every feeling, and should speak up openly, then only u can understand each other.

Dont ever cover up ur bad characters or characters that u feel that other may get irritated before marriage ,this will cause big problems in married life and may cause ending up with divorce, and this will be a very pathetic situation.

If Love is only towards external beauty ,love will never last long also that's not the "True Love".

True Love happens only when u love your partner as he/she is...
That is Unconditional Love.............
Loving without having any conditions.........
God created each and every person in this world with imperfections and that is to make them perfect when they join with their partner.
You will be a perfect and beautiful creation of god when u join with your partner, and spread the world with the Light of Love.

1)For Loving your partner first you should Love yourself.
2)Then you will start loving your partner and that makes u feel soo happy.
3) When you are happy you will be able to love others who are in need.

So in this way you can spread the world with the Light of Love.

Once your thirst for Love start it will never ends........... U will be always thirsty even if your partner is loving u sooooo much ....... u will be always greedy for Love..........
Love always makes u greedy,Do take it in the positive sense. Thirst for Love never Ends.

If you are living in Love ,you will be Soooo Happy............. Even if u don't have anything to drink,eat or whatever you will be in heaven...
Thats the Strength of Love. True Love is soo strong that it cant be destroyed by anyone.

True love is as Strong , Beautiful and valuable as this Universe .
God is decorating our life with Love as he decorates the universe with his tremendous beautiful creations.

Your partner is the most precious gift that God has ever created in this world and that is only for u ......... So He/She is sooo precious and Beautiful....

Its a Luck to have someone to Love and to be Loved :-) .
God is Really Really great...............


After a very long time,may be after 2 or 3 months i once again started my blogging.
Its raining heavily...... I feel sooo happy to see the rain outside.
The rain made me think about my childhood, walking alone after my classes on a rainy day , is that soo cool ?????........... yeah really.......Walking alone.....dreamingly ,holding my bags tightly for avoiding the rain drops falling on it.
Playing with my umbrella , imagining as if film actress dances in the songs and then checking out whether anyone is watching me with a naughty look ;-) . I can feel that i am getting drenched.
Finally knocking the door with my wet clothes to hand over my bags to my sweet mom who was there to receive me and then running again near to the tap for washing my legs without having the umbrella (the secret behind thats just a reason for playing in the rain) actually i just want to stay out in the rain and play.... he he he am i funny? yeah sometimes
By this time my mom and dad will start firing me coz they dont want me to get sick and miss my classes. So i need to get into my house, with a sad mind i will get inside .And again will start enjoy being drenched. But not more than 5 mins, i will be kicked into the bathroom ......he he he....
I wish to jump out into the the rain and play like a kid, ohhhhhhhhhhh but not now coz its thunder storm and am scared of the lightnings. :-)

I really miss my Dad and Mom. Love you soo much Pappa and Mummy.................

I feel that am really Blessed With Everything...............

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Devotional Song

Listen to my Song
Enn eshuvin arikil njan nilkumbol.. en manam anandikum
Enn eshuvin ardramam nokkilnjan... enn ennum alinju pokum.
Enn vendanakal ellam njan aaa... sanidyathil marakum

Nin maril chayumbol,nin kannil nokumbol njan ariyunnu
nin sneham,
Enn papam neekanayi,Enn jeevan kakanaye kurushil nee baliyeki yalloo

Enn Ghoramam papangal orkaruthe nada..enne ennum anugrahikka...
Enn Kanuunir kanane nada.... enn kannir maykanamee...
Enn vendanakal ellam njan aaa... sanidyathil marakum

Nin maril chayumbol,nin kannil nokumbol njan ariyunnu
nin sneham,
Enn papam neekanayi,Enn jeevan kakanaye kurushil nee baliyeki yalloo

Enn kashtathayill nee ennkaram pidikum,nee enne vazhinadathum..
Eshuve ne en arikil varumbolenn thee gwalla njan ariyum
Enn vendanakal ellam njan aaa... sanidyathil marakum

Nin maril chayumbol,nin kannil nokumbol njan ariyunnu
nin sneham,
Enn papam neekanayi,Enn jeevan kakanaye kurushil nee baliyeki yalloo
Thiruvosthi rupaa ,thirumarillenne cherkuvanaye manasakannee...

Andhayamen mizhikal thurakaname nadaaa...nanmakal ekanamee..
Nee mathramen ashrayam shakthiyum nada...en nadha kaividalle...
Enn vendanakal ellam njan aaa... sanidyathil marakum

Nin maril chayumbol,nin kannil nokumbol njan ariyunnu
nin sneham,
Enn papam neekanayi,Enn jeevan kakanaye kurushil nee baliyeki yalloo
Thiruvosthi rupaa ,thirumarillenne cherkuvanaye manasakannee...